terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009


Faz um tempo que venho me frustrando em encontrar as traduções da músicas que eu gosto!!! Nyuu....
Bom.... isso é serve de maior incentivo para me dedicar mais e mais ao Nihongo!!! ^^v
Passeando por uns foruns encontrei astraduções de duas músicas que gosto muito!
Akaloid showcase e Kaze no tori!!

alkaloid showcase
lyrics by Sono

In a snow-covered street, I collect lights being drawn by people wishing
the whiteness of my breath is going to erase all the brilliance these eyes were drawn to

My wishing voice my wishing place this breath being here now
I raise my voice and tear up my heart and spit out everything here

The indistinguishable heads are letting out the same voice and laughing

Breathe breathe breathe nearby me your voice

I remember the pain of living I couldn’t do anything but hurt that body
You are crying alone while writhing
I light up the never-ending street and your existence lets out a shriek

Because I have become your reason for living

Even if the indistinguishable heads are shedding tears to this melody
The smiling face of you, who are scared of the light isn’t supposed be noticed

Because I have become your reason for living
I sing hoping that everything of this body will play on

Bird of Wind
lyrics by Karen
Into the kindness that is about to disappear reflect this body
I will see a dream tomorrow as well in the ocean of loneliness
That day, I sang my voice turned into clouds
Only this quivered wind I left in my heart

So then, let’s fly away stretch out azure wings
Say, if even I’ve become unable to see light
Shattered and fluttering thoughts collect the tears
Everything let’s completely dissolve into this ocean

In the moon’s light if the wounds are shone down on
Another one, because you can become strong

So then, let’s fly away into the motherly sky
Even if the shadow disappears I search for it until wherever

The flow sadness if my heart stops taking it
The color of the ocean I saw clearly deeply into it
Someday it will shine and I’ll wait for its rays
Because the seasons will surely change

Great sky, so high dance away blue
Continue faraway with these times…

Inside the wind you sang with
I embrace the darkness of the faraway past

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