quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

Meu Caminho para o Mar do Norte

This is gonna be the tag for my preparation to a possible exchange program to the Hokkaido University.
Last year (2011) I've decided that wasn't value to do an exchange program in my last year of Psychology College! But... as my closest friends know... my words dosn't mean nothing, when is related to give up.
In the end of the year, as a God's gift, appeared in my twitter an application for this exchange program. I immediately stopped to think rationally, and I've make my request. I had a lot of help, from my teachers, my great friends and my friends' friends. To all the people directly or indirectly got involved with the chase of my Dream, THANK YOU VERRY MUCH! Thank you! for the one who gave me some of your precious time. Thank you! for the ones who gave me some tips. Thank you! For the ones who cheered me up. Thank you! for the ones who believed in me, in my wings. Thank you! for the ones who really was with me, besides the distance.  Even if I don't go to Hokkaido, I know that I have my back safety guard, because of you all.

After the Japanese Language test, I was really sure that was impossible for me to be chosen. The test was really hard, far from my Japanese level. So... because of that... I went to the interview totally clean, with no masks. I was not afraid to be sincere, to think of me as a dreamer or childish. I was in the right meaning of True Color.
I couldn't believe when I saw my name on the list.
But.... the USP administration forgot something really important.... for me take the exchange program, I must have the TOEFL exam! And I don't....
So.. here is the first challenge to my Dream Come True! The TOEFL test date is February 3rd, I have lass then a month to study for a test that some people need a year. Tough, I know, but... there's a Brazilian dictation witch said:"the bull's car sings better when it's heavy", I know it sounds much better in Portuguese, but because of this challenge, I'll be writing just in English, until the day of my test.
That's why I'll be total locked in my room, with no direct contact to the outside world for a while.
I'll try to write some of my study path...is the kind of things that help us to see our self.
I know some people will not understand... will be angry with me... or upset, but I know that's the right choice.
I love my wings more and more, but, I have to be careful all the time, to not become an Icaru, but to improve myself to, some day, be like Dedalus.

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